We put clients at the heart of our business. SEOIGE O'FAOLAIN & Co reputation depends on earning the trust of its clients. Their satisfaction and recommendation is vital to the long-term success of our business. Maintaining our customers’ trust by acting responsibly is essential to achieving our long-term sustainability goals, strengthening our brand and ensuring our continued commercial success.

Important client issues include the range of our services, the quality of our advices, the clarity of our pricing, the responsibility of our marketing material, the way we handle client privacy, and our measures to protect and ring-fence clients from potential commercial pitfalls.

As insolvency / liquidation professionals, the insights we bring, the advice we impart and the work we do have a significant impact on the businesses, careers and lives of others. We recognize the responsibilities this places on us and take them seriously. We strive to be refreshingly honest - handling our relationships with clients with the greatest of care. We must always listen and respond to each of our clients. We will strive to delight our clients, anticipating their needs and striving to deliver a conclusion to their difficulties, faster than anyone else.

Customers can now access an ever-expanding range of services including corporate liquidations, receiverships, examinerships, personal bankruptcy, providing general advice and consultancy to interested parties. These services bring significant benefits to the business and personal lives of clients. Our aim is to ensure clients are satisfied with our service and able to maintain the maximum amount of control of the commercial and financial aspects of their lives - ultimately helping clients to improve and enjoy the quality of their lives.

We are here to help you.