Services to Accountants & Solicitors

If you’re an adviser an individual or to a company in financial difficulties, you’ll want to protect the interests of your client by ensuring they take the right steps towards the best possible solution. You can help by ensuring they seek our professional help right away, for the sooner we’re involved, the more chance we have of helping the situation. When a client gets into financial difficulty they will often turn to the company’s accountants or solicitors seeking guidance. An ever increasing amount of new legislation and new case law makes it difficult for the practicing Solicitor to keep up to date with all of the latest insolvency law developments. We recognize that some accountancy firms only do occasional insolvency work, and that they sometimes require assistance on non- routine matters. We can provide pragmatic advice on all insolvency areas, including the following:

  • Obtaining insurance cover for insolvency work
  • Security arrangements for property
  • Debt Collection Strategies
  • Retention of Title Claims
  • Agreement of Preferential Claims
  • Processing of employees claims
  • Drafting reports to Committee’s of Inspection
  • Drafting reports to the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement
  • Statutory advertising requirements
  • Final meetings of members and creditors
  • Submission of returns to the Companies Registration Office

We also provide a service of preparing all of the necessary statutory pre-liquidation documentation, such as notices to shareholders and creditors, statutory advertisement, shareholders consent to short notice, forms for filing at the Companies Registration Office and a creditors attendance register. The documentation is professionally prepared, and complies with all relevant legislation.

We guarantee absolute confidentiality in all of our work.