About Us

SEOIGE O'FAOLAIN & Co is a specialist insolvency and liquidation practice. We provide pragmatic advice and solutions to directors of companies of all sizes, financial institutions, the accountancy and legal professions, individuals and sole traders throughout the Rep. of Ireland. We understand that people facing financial difficulty are under extraordinary pressure. We have expertise in handling with care very delicate issues surrounding personal bankruptcy, limited company insolvency, company law and taxation. We approach such matters with great sympathy and sensitivity.

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that not every venture works outs as intended – and sometimes when ventures fail people are left with insurmountable personal debts through borrowings, negative equity and personal guarantees. In the current economic environment many Directors of collapsed companies are faced with the often knock on effect of corporate failure – personal insolvency. Personal insolvency / bankruptcy has unfortunately become a lot more widespread due to the substantial decline in value of nearly every asset class including property investments, stocks & shares and other investments.

SEOIGE O'FAOLAIN & Co are one of the most preeminent liquidation and personal bankruptcy practices in Ireland. We deal with every type of creditor on a day to day basis including banks, leasing companies, trade creditors and the Revenue Commissioners. We have particular experience acting as advisers to the sole trader community and owner-managed companies. We operate a partner-led approach in all our client dealings which ensures our partners are highly accessible to clients. Each client is appointed a client relationship partner to manage dealings and communicate with you directly. We approach each case with great sympathy and sensitivity. All queries are dealt with the utmost confidentiality.

We are here to help you.